Custom fitting is the process of matching your swing characteristics (speed, load, path, angle of attack, etc.) to equipment that suits. The goal is to improve consistency, performance and overall enjoyment. Hitting it farther and straighter is just a bi-product of a good fitting and with the right help you can be sure your equipment is going to provide you with the optimal opportunity. “Getting Fit” is not just for advanced players, everyone can benefit from this process.


Early players can benefit from a custom fitting experience for a variety of reasons including first and foremost being educated about how to select equipment, what is involved and why it works (ex. shafts are the engine of the club). This is extremely helpful to bypass years of equipment trial and error. Additionally beginner golfers will be fit into a set of clubs that helps improve their games rather than hinder it. If you use clubs that are not the right size, flex or level you can pick up bad habits which take much longer to reverse than getting the right piece of equipment from the start.


As your swing evolves so should your equipment. Getting your current equipment checked to see if it still matches your body movements is an important step when improving your game or simply to compare new models as they are released into the market. Performance in clubs varies drastically and as your game changes for better or worse there are thousands of combinations to help your game.


At this level a missed fairway, green or putt can be the difference to winning a tournament, men’s day event or just dominating your friends. Tweaking your clubs, optimizing the club combinations or simply finding out your carry distances can separate you and your competitors. When getting fit you should keep in mind any changes you are looking to make and ensure your equipment rewards progressive movement rather than creating a new miss. More often than not you can blame the equipment.